Surviving and Thriving
in an era of
Cascading Change

The challenges are enormous, but the opportunities are far greater.


Creating business models and solutions to address the underlying problems requires new approaches, different relationships and deploying one-of-a-kind global assets.


We focus national lab and enterprise partner resources on areas where there is a clear intersection of market opportunity and expertise.

We connect the right people and right resources at the right time.


We support Advanced Energy, Energy Efficiency, AI/Machine Learning, Mobility Solutions, Smart Cities IoT, Climate Impact Mitigation, and Supercomputing/Compute.


Sourced from our global network, we match high-impact technologies with a range of capital, early customers, and early exit opportunities.

We Catalyze Cross-Industry Collaboration


Excited about tackling problems related to advanced energy, energy efficiency, emerging technologies, and climate resilience?

The Innovation Corridor Today

Our connections are many. Our unique value is the ability to creatively identify and link together passionate and talented people with cutting-edge innovations and projects.

Our technology acceleration platform facilitates the creation of inter-organizational, multi-disciplinary teams via deep relationships with national labs, Fortune 500 companies, global academic research institutions, and governmental entities.

The Innovation Corridor is a member of the American Made Channel Partner Network, which includes, Argonne National Lab, Brookhaven, Clean Energy Business Network, Clean Energy Trust, Clean Energy Venture Group, Duke University Energy Initiative, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Fermi, Fraunhofer, and Princeton Plasma Physics, among others.


With over 3,000 research scientists and staff, state-of-the-art testing and validation capabilities, and enterprise resources, the IC finds value where others cannot.

We support high-impact companies and projects, and look for solutions to some of the world’s most difficult but important problems. We believe in the power of shared goals.

We leverage technical, financial, and organizational efficiencies to develop, de-risk and accelerate the launch of global solutions..

We support the applications of AI, emerging technologies, and innovations in the built environment.

The scale of the most difficult and important problems is global and the IC provides world-class solutions to meet these global challenges.

We focus on Smart Cities IoT-related opportunities and:

  • Advanced Energy
  • Smart Cities and Regions
  • Energy Efficiency
  • The Built Environment
  • Supercomputing/Compute
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
  • Electric Drivetrain Infrastructure
  • Fintech
  • The Utility Sector
  • Edge Computing.

We have an opportunity to leave the world a bit better than when we arrived – we do not just want to survive, we want to thrive in a world that’s changing faster than ever.

If you want to run fast, run alone.

If you want to run far, run together.

- African Proverb

Current Projects

US Department of Commerce-NIST GCTC Program

The Innovation Corridor (IC) is a Founding Member of the US Department of Commerce-NIST Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) Smart Regions Leadership Council and partner in the GCTC IoT/Cyber-Physical Systems program. The IC launched the nation's first GCTC...

Supercomputing/AI and Emerging Technologies

According to a 2013 IDC report, "97% of businesses that had adopted supercomputing said they could no longer compete or survive without it." Operating at or near the highest performance levels at the time of commissioning, supercomputers (High Performance Computer or...

Smart Cities IoT

According to MarketWatch, the Smart Cities market is estimated at $2 trillion USD by 2025. The IC is the founding “Research and Strategic Partner” for the 19 cities that currently make up the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance (Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Colorado Springs,...

Investment Funds

We're exploring new models including Opportunity Zone funds based on the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act tax reform package. By providing deferral, reduction and, ultimately, elimination of capital gains taxes, the federal government has created a strong set of incentives...

Innovation in the Utility Sector

Utilities can leverage significant untapped value; however, legacy regulatory frameworks and outdated business models often prevent utilities from doing so. With the structure, support, and global network provided by the Innovation Corridor, utilities can play a...

IN2 Incubator

The Innovation Corridor is an IN2 Channel Partner. IN2 is a unique $30 million technology incubator and platform that is funded by the Wells Fargo Foundation and co-administered by NREL.  IN2 began as a $10 million program in 2014 with a focus on supporting commercial...

Covid-19 Mitigation and Monitoring

Our Covid-19 Mitigation and Monitoring platform is a seamless, turnkey, and robust platform. We deploy experienced facilities condition assessment engineers, provide the ability to contact and and trace, (employees/contractors/visitors), and provide...

We Catalyze Cross-Industry Collaboration


Excited about tackling problems related to advanced energy, energy efficiency, emerging technologies, and climate resilience?