Utilities can leverage significant untapped value; however, legacy regulatory frameworks and outdated business models often prevent utilities from doing so. With the structure, support, and global network provided by the Innovation Corridor, utilities can play a central role in acquiring the innovation and technology needed to allow them to be stronger and more competitive. We use a partner-based approach that spreads cost and risk, allowing utilities to work with some of the most prestigious enterprises in the world. This collaborative model creates opportunities and efficiency.

The Innovation Corridor serves as the operational hub that connects utilities, national labs, enterprise and, seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators in a highly curated ecosystem. The Innovation Corridor serves as a single body to bench test, validate, pilot and commercialize emerging technologies. We leverage the resources of our national lab partners, including high-performance supercomputers, utility-scale testing facilities, over 3,000 of the world’s leading research scientists and staff in areas of advanced energy, energy efficiency and emerging technology design and deployment, as well as some of the most innovative Fortune 500 businesses. .