Zero Energy Districts (ZEDs) are an important pathway toward optimizing energy efficiency owing to the cost savings, environmental and economic benefits they unleash. ZEDs are designed, engineered, and built to maximize energy efficiency and renewable energy production at a district scale, as opposed to a building scale. District-scale developments are uniquely positioned to be a major driver of the next generation of high performance buildings and intelligent grids.

The IC is in the process of designing a ZED that will encompass best-in-class design and engineering supported by the NREL, NCAR, Arrow Electronics, and Arrow Fortune 500 channel partners that have developed cutting-edge ZEDs in Asia and Europe. As of 2016, there were 28 “verified” Zero Net Energy buildings in the U.S. and the only verified building in Colorado is NREL’s RSF facility in Golden. We intend to bring one-of-a-kind expertise to this project.